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Dorsa Finland by NeoduelGX Dorsa Finland by NeoduelGX
This is my OC, made using this… . She's not an undersea creature. She'll be as human as she can be.

Name: Dorsa Finland
Species: Seaticans (Aliens that are human-like and able to adapt to land, sea and air)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Height and Weight: (won't reveal)
Occupation: unknown
Side: Good
Love Interest: Mickey Williams…  
Powers and Abilities: She can swim like a professional and she can adapt to land, water and air. She has powers similar to Aquaman and the Aquatar Alien Rangers. She can fight really well and she knows all kinds of language, like English and Japanese. Her weapons of choice are a trident and a sword. She has fine qualities of human and she tends to rehydrate every two weeks, despite drinking water bottles all the time, which helps her along and delaying her dehydration time. She can drink any water after purifying it of the tainted parts (polluted, salted or even chlorinated, although she swims in salt and pool water. Whenever she's underwater, gills appear on her neck.
Weaknesses: Even though she adapts to Land, Sea and Air at any temperature, she needs to rehydrate every two weeks, even though she drinks water bottles all the time, which helps her along and delaying her dehydration time. Desert climates hasten her dehydration and weakens her powers, so she must keep some water bottles handy.
Personality: Dorsa Finland is a brilliant young girl from a race known as Seatican (human-like sea aliens) and highly skilled at just about anything. She loves making friends and fighting enemies. She enjoys being gagged when she feels the urge and she's alone [Note: Her favorite gag is Microfoam Tape]. She even plays bondage or Gagged-only games with the other girls (for example: Kairi, Hinata Hyuga and Rena Kunisaki). The only time she hates being gagged is when she gets kidnapped for real. She's also selfless and brave, as she can help others and do some good deeds above and beyond the call of duty. She's usually calm and polite, but she can be mad is she's either offended or angered, for any reason at all, and frantic, apologetic and nervous when she offends somebody or gets into something that makes her nervous.
Background: Dorsa grew up on an alien planet called 'Seatica' [Note: I made it up] as the second child of the planet's king and queen, having one older brother, one young brother and one younger sister. On her 17th birthday, two weeks after her people were killed by Queen Beryl (from Sailor Moon), she and her family moved to a beach area in Harwood Grove (A mix of Harwood County and Angel Grove) [Note: My made up setting for JJAPrice15's Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers]  (or any town/city for any other fic) called 'Pelican Cove'. They had a beach house provided for them with a secret grotto. It was in a school in Harwood Grove that Dorsa met Tota Konoe, Hinata Hyuga, Beyal, Ken Ichijouji, Rena Kunisaki, Rieku Dekushi, Kairi Kagurazaka, Jacob Price, Yolei Inoue, Neji Hyuga, Sora Strife, Ventus, Sereena Gabena and Koyakumo (daughter of Mushra and Yakumo), along with many others. She has already learned about Earth and its diverse cultures while she lived on her home planet. In JJAPrice15's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, she helps the rangers fight Beryl and many other villains.
Voice: Michelle Ruff (Zoe Orimoto's voice from Digimon Frontier).

Dorsa Finland (c) Me.
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Your welcome. 
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Cute girl!  Love 
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